Heat Exchanger Repair And Retubing | MGI ENERGY


MGI ENERGY GROUP are proud to offer in-depth, documented services for a wide range of heat exchangers, in addition to repair and cleaning services.


  • Shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Plate heat exchangers, plate and shell heat exchangers
  • Compressor coolers
  • Fin fan air coolers
  • Fin Coil/extended surface heating coils, frost coils, refrigeration/air conditioning coils and charge air coolers
  • Plant radiators and CHP radiators


We can offer a variety of repair options both on-site and at our workshop. Upon completion of repair work, we can pressure test units and issue test certificates.


We’re able to offer a range of on-site chemical cleaning solutions for the de-scaling of heat exchangers, including pipework, manufacturing rolls, and presses. Chemical cleaning can be utilised to improve your heat exchangers efficiency, or prior to inspection and NDT testing. We can also strip, clean, and inspect plate heat exchangers in situ where possible. This can help to minimise down time for production, and reduce disruption to your workforce. All of our cleaning solutions can be carried out as a standalone service, or combined with a full heat exchanger service.



Air cooling units are used to cool and/or condense process streams with ambient air as the cooling method instead of water. Keep your air-cooling system in the best condition possible, by speaking with a member of our team and arranging:

  • Full or partial re-tubes
  • Replacement elements
  • Manufacture replacement tube plates,    channels, and covers
  • Installation and removal on-site